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Which Fitness Watch Is Best?

Fitness trackers, much like any piece of everyday gear, are profoundly personal. They ought to blend comfort and aesthetics while mirroring your lifestyle and exercise habits. Are you a fan of biking, rowing, or weightlifting? Or perhaps you enjoy long trail runs or simply need a nudge to stand up every hour?

Regardless of your fitness goals and preferences, the current market provides an abundance of advanced, potent tools that can assist you in maximizing your workouts or reigniting your fitness routine. Over the years, we've evaluated a multitude of these trackers to offer you our top recommendation.

Fitbit Charge 5: FITBIT Top Universal Pick Fitbit Charge 5 Despite facing robust competition from other brands, particularly the Apple Watch, Fitbit's devices have consistently resonated with me. They strike an optimal balance of style, affordability, user-friendliness, and accessibility, making them ideal for the vast majority of users, except perhaps ultra-marathoners and semi-professional powerlifters aiming for personal records.

The Charge series has regularly featured at the pinnacle of our rankings, and the Fitbit Charge 5 (8/10, I Recommend) is no exception. Its latest model incorporates sleeker designs, a vibrant AMOLED screen, and an array of desirable sensors from stress scans to electrocardiograms. The Charge 5 pairs quickly with Android phones, mirroring the Apple Watch's interaction with iPhones, and offers both onboard and connected GPS to flawlessly track your outdoor workouts. It now also includes an FDA-approved feature to detect atrial fibrillation through Fitbit's new Heart Rhythm Notifications. However, you still need to shell out $10 monthly, or $80 annually, for a Fitbit Premium subscription to utilize most of Fitbit's premier features.

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